Peter Van Loan Announces Investment in Recreational Fisheries Conservation Project in Scanlon Creek

March 20, 2015

HOLLAND LANDING, ONTARIO – The Honourable Peter Van Loan, Member of Parliament for York–Simcoe, is pleased to announce funding totaling $110,000 for a Scanlon Creek Restoration Project. Under the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program (RFCPP), the Government of Canada is partnering with the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation to support the conservation of the fish habitat in Scanlon Creek.
This Funding will allow ongoing revitalization efforts to Scanlon Creek that will significantly improve the local environment. For example, resulting lower water temperatures in the creek will encourage native species and their spawning. The overall result is positive for the local creek and for Lake Simcoe’s ecosystem.

“Since 2006, our Government has partnered with groups from all around Lake Simcoe to promote the health and betterment of our local environment. Hardworking organizations like the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation are the backbone of programs like the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program.” Van Loan said.

In addition Environment Canada is contributing $159,000 in year 1 of the project, as part of the $60 million Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund. This brings the total Government of Canada contribution to $269,000 for the 2 years of the project.

“Our government will continue to advocate for recreational fishing, an important economic activity that benefits the local economy in York-Simcoe.” Van Loan said.

While funding for the Scanlon Creek Restoration Project was originally approved in 2013, the proposal was later withdrawn by the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation. It is now receiving enhanced funding for the project. The Conservation Authority now anticipates being able to undertake and complete the project.